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RightviewOnline and RightviewQ are produced by the Mid-America Buddhist Association (MABA), a Chan monastery in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.The name Rightview refers to the first step of the Buddha's Eightfold Noble Path.


RIGHTVIEW Q is the name we've given to the online continuation of our magazine, Rightview Quarterly. Click HERE to see the NOVEMBER 2009 issue.

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Click HERE to view our JULY 2009 issue.
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The Winter 2009 issue was our last in print.

There are ways to practice virtue, many ways to explain
wisdom, many ways to meditate. Our aim is to present the essential teachings of the Buddhadharma from various viewpoints in a manner that we hope will be of benefit.


"People are often surprised to find it’s difficult to meditate and to understand and apply the insights that arise from meditation. The difficulty lies in the fact that our whole being is totally unprepared for stillness and the insight and peace it brings. But with the support of instruction and a consistent practice, the calm and joy of your meditative mind will deepen and become more stable, not only on the cushion, but also off the cushion in daily life." --Xianyang Carl Jerome






MasterJiRuMalaysian-born Master Ji Ru received higher ordination as a Bhikkhu in both the Theravada and Chan traditions, and is an internationally renowned monk and dharma author. He is the Abbot of the Mid-America Buddhist Association (MABA) in Augusta, Missouri.

CarlJeromeXianyang Carl Jerome has taught meditation for more than a decade in San Francisco, Chicago, and St. Louis. He is a senior meditation and dharma teacher at the Mid-America Buddhist Association and is founder of the North Shore Meditation & Dharma Center in Highland Park, Illinois.


MABA, the Mid-America Buddhist Association, is a Chan monastery located on 60 secluded acres in the rolling hills west of St Louis, Missouri. MABA is available for weekend, weeklong, and longer retreats.


Some of the topics and articles in the sections above include:
Personal Essays
Poetry by Phillip Whalen and Ko-Un
Sutras and Commentaries
Original Translations

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